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Maurizio Cofini was born in Roma on 5th of September 1956. He is interested in photography and demo-ethno-anthropological studies. He started photographing in 1979. After a first phase as amateur participant and winner of numerous national and international contests, he more and more became aware about his wish to develop his peculiar research. He focussed his attention on testing touching on various areas of commercial photography for the theatre and reportage.
In the theatre
field he made reportages on various plays as "The Dream" by Strindberg (August 1983), "Voices in the Mirror" by Umberto Saba (April 1984), "Antigone" by Sophocles (October 1984) "The black swan" by Martin Walser (1985), "Me & My Shadow" (1986), all directed by Rita Tamburi.
In December 1982 he won
1st Prize in Section B/W 7th  National Photographic Competition "Città di Marino. In April 1983 he received the 2nd Prize, with special mention in the international photo competition  “Focal Pont” of


L’Aquila. In the same year he edited the photo shoot of the aforementioned  play "The Dream" by Strindberg, directed by Rita Tamburi, presented at the Festival of Taormina. In July 1983 he made a reportage in the countries of the Arctic Circle, while in November he made a folder with "30 images of Venice."
In December 1983 he was awarded the 1st Prize in the color section 8th National Photographic Competition "Città di Marino".

Cofini is a passionate reporter who has always  being travelling for years, especially in East and Southeast Asia. Working with the photo agency Le Clic, he visited Sri Lanka, Nepal, India, Sikkim,  Burma  (Myanmar), Indonesia, Sulawesi, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. In every trip he acquired a large repertoire of images full of sensations and emotions.
Among his other reportages we can enumerate the Islands of Mauritius, the Seychelles and the Cuba.
He has, besides the aforementioned exhibition on Scandinavian countries and some publications, an exhibition on Asia "Frontiers of sand" (1987), an exhibition on Vietnam "distant Colors" (2009), an exhibition on Vietnam and Cambodia "Mosaic pictures. Vietnam and Angkor" (2010),
one on Cuba
“Buscar el poniente por el levante. Dall’oriente a Cuba” (2011), one on "Glances from the Mekong: the Laos" (2012) and one on “Altered States of Reality” (2012) at Agora Gallery in New York.
During the years, encouraged even from the audience, he carried on his activity unrelentingly, introducing the exhibition Walking through Rome” (2013), the vernissage “Colors of instants” (2014), the exhibition “My Asia” (2014), the exhibition “Vietnam – Italy: distants colors” in Hanoi by Italy Embassy in Vietnam (2014), the vernissage Walking trough New York” (2014), the exhibition “Without limits. Retrospective of a voyage never interrupted” (2015).

From the month of December 2009 is contributor to the magazine Vietnamese art and architecture KIẾN TRÚC NHÀ ĐẸP who published some of his photographs on display in the exhibition "Vietnam. Distant Colors" and its other services dedicated to the kitchen of a typical house in the Castelli Romani and Roma under the snow.

In May 2010 the Publishing House Anicia has published the photographic book of Maurizio Cofini "Mosaico d'immagini. Vietnam e Angkor". In January 2015 has been given to press his photography book “My Asia” by Aracne publishing house.
Among his works is a series of photographs for the creation of
brochures for Ente Provinciale per il Turismo di Roma and for Pro Loco of Marino.
Great value has his production of images for prints from 30x40 up to 70x100 for laminboard panels.